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Men's socks

When you say Muchachomalo*, you might immediately say "men's underwear"

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When you say Muchachomalo*, you might immediately say "men's underwear". Don't get us wrong: we are proud of that, but we offer you more than just underwear. Nice, quality men's socks for example. It's simple: we have a mission. The mission is to ensure that every man who identifies with our brand looks good. And that starts at the beginning: your underwear and socks. With them, you lay the foundation for the rest of your outfit. Every day again. Of course, you can hide old, worn-out socks. But as soon as your shoes come off, you want your look to remain intact, right? Exactly. Shop with us. We have beautiful socks for men that you can be seen with.


Men's socks of Muchachomalo*: you get them so at home

Look, we don't like difficult fuss any more than you do. Buying clothes can be fun. It's great to take the afternoon off now and then, to find the most beautiful items and to swipe your debit card without a care in the world. But socks? Buying socks is often a "must do" and not exactly something you want to leave the house for. Good news, amigo: you don't have to. We all know the agony of wandering around lost and found, looking for a good pair of men's socks. We offer them to you on a silver platter. Order comfortably from your easy chair. Whether you are looking for simple black socks for men, long socks for men, low socks for men or daring ones with a twist that Muchachomalo* is known for: we've got your back. And feet.

Socks in our style: your style

At Muchachomalo* we never forget the basics. That's why you'll find several types of good black men's socks in our assortment. But we also know that every now and then you want to add a personal touch, a look with an edgy edge or a wink. That's what we've grown up with. So the streetwise style with a touch of bad boy that you know from our men's underwear can also be found in our men's socks. We wish you lots of fun shopping. And now that you're here anyway take a look at our men's boxers and long johns page.