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Welcome ladies. How should we address you? With respect and appreciation in any case. It can go two ways: either we are talking to a chicamala in the flesh, or we are talking to a muchachomalo (or chicamala) who is looking for cool underwear for his/her partner. Let one thing be clear: whoever you are, you are welcome. Meet Chicamala underwear for women.


Chicamala: for women who dare

Chicamala is the female counterpart of the famous Muchachomalo*. Muchachomalo* has been on the road for over fifteen years with underwear in which men want to be seen and partners want to see their man in. We don't make it difficult: it can be the other way around too. Ladies feel great in our underwear and we can't imagine that your lover doesn't want to see his/her own lady walking around in it. Chicamala is for ladies who dare. Who dare to be themselves and want to radiate that.

Look, we know that in the drawers of many women there are elegant sets. Sometimes as a woman you just want to go for that dolled up look. The thing is: you may not always want that at all. Because the Chicamala woman also has a tough, adventurous side. You don't always want lace and other frills. So what do you want? Beautiful, comfortable underwear with a sexy twist. Well: you're not here by accident.

Find the underwear that really suits you

Chicamala is here for all the ladies who are not so fan of the mundane. Life is fun, life is exciting and way too exciting to walk around in basic underwear. Whether you are looking for comfy ladies boxers or cheeky hipsters for ladies: you have come to the right place. Are you in the mood for something exciting? We also have great sets that make you feel great and are muy caliente for your partner. Everyone happy. The way we like to see it. Order quickly in the webshop and we will deliver your favorite new underwear as soon as possible.