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Leggings literally come in all shapes and sizes

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Leggings literally come in all shapes and sizes. For a lot of them you don't have to come knocking at our door. We do sell leggings from size S to XL. But why not all sizes? Well... at Chicamala we like to be a little bit different. This does not mean that we have a webshop full of cool leggings and underwear with prints. No, we also sell excellent basic women's leggings. But one that can be seen. Is that it? Certainly not: how about optimal comfort and a great price? That's how Chicamala does it.


Leggings for ladies: who doesn't wear them?

Leggings and ladies go together like bread and butter. Who doesn't wear them? But as we said, you can wear them in many different ways. Then you can choose to come up with leggings for ladies for every possible way. We are just sure that we have a pair of leggings that are perfect for you. At least: if you want your leggings to be seen. Or you do wear a dress over them, doesn't matter to us at all. What matters to us is that you can wear leggings that make you feel good. And yes, we dare to recommend ours.

Chicamala's distinctive leggings for women

Chicamala offers you distinctive women's leggings. Then you don't have to be afraid of hard to wear leggings. Because when we talk about the differentiating factor, we are certainly not just talking about the look. As far as that look is concerned, the distinguishing factor is in the details. Just a bit bolder and more challenging than most other leggings. We love that. Don't you? But we combine that with a wonderful wearability. You can combine our women's leggings with anything (check our singlets) and are guaranteed perfect comfort and excellent durability at a great price. What more could you ask for?

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Are you looking for that great pair of leggings for women that you can enjoy wearing every day? Whether you want to combine them with a street smart, classy, comfy or sporty outfit: these are the leggings for you. Promise.