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There are a lot of falsehoods being spread

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There are a lot of falsehoods being spread. The earth is flat. Chocolate gives you pimples. Long underwear is not for boys. All nonsense. And it's that last statement we want to talk about. Because everyone who says that, doesn't know the boys' long johns of Muchachomalo* yet. Fortunately, you are here now and you can get acquainted with our collection. Our collection proves that long johns can be not only comfortable but also just plain cool. Because sometimes you just need extra warmth and comfort. On a cold winter evening in bed for example, or while exercising on a bleak morning. Our boys' long johns make sure you can do this warm and in style.


Boys long johns from Muchachomalo*: just something different

Long underwear for boys: that's perhaps just a little less common than boxer shorts. But why is that exactly? We will tell you. It's because most long johns for boys are just plain boring. We can imagine that you don't want to be seen in them at all. At the same time, you do want to take advantage of that warmth and comfort they provide. So what should you do? Take a look at the webshop of Muchachomalo*. That is what you should do. Because the boys' long johns are just that little bit different. No basic, boring and meaningless models, but long johns with cool, trendy and sporty prints. They may be seen!

Experience our quality

Muchachomalo* has a name to uphold. In a relatively short period, we have grown to be a valued supplier of underwear. That is why our long johns offer everything you may expect from them. Wonderfully soft and durable material and a perfect fit. Good for a lot of wear, every time. Whoever said long johns can't be fun, has never looked on our webshop. Order your favourite one quickly.