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Clothes make the man

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Clothes make the man. Period. That starts with good underwear. These are the solid men's basics you can't live without. At least: you would think so. But there are still men who think it's okay to walk around in old, worn boxers. Mmm. Do you really think that's okay?  

Today is the day to change that. Because with the basics for men from Muchachomalo, no man has an excuse to look unkempt.


Men's basics from Muchachomalo*: an easy choice

We can only guess at the motivations of men for not taking care of good men's basics. The answer to the how and why we do not have; the solution is: Muchachomalo* makes buying solid men's basics easy. No, you don't have to go out and search store after store for good men's underwear. Just order online with us. We have been around for many years for men who are looking for the best men's basics. We don't want to brag, but we have built a strong reputation. Take a look in the webshop and you will be convinced.

What are good basics for men?

What are good basics for men? That is a good question. You can get underwear in all kinds. We are also here for the flamboyant man who likes to wear underwear that may attract attention with, for example, a cheeky print. Our basics however, are meant for the neutral, yet versatile men.  Boxers, long johns or socks that you can wear every day with pleasure. A nice advantage if you buy at Muchachomalo*: our basics may - of course - be seen. And of course they fit perfectly. Check out our offer on the website and get your solid basics at home.