Men 2-pack shorts Punk Men 2-pack shorts Punk Men 2-pack shorts Punk Men 2-pack shorts Punk Men 2-pack shorts Punk

Men 2-pack boxer shorts Punk

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Every lock has a key. And the youth had Punk. Formed because of the massive increase in pyramid schemed lifestyles. ‘The rich remain rich, the poor remain poor.’ Not on their watch. A Tribe that was against the unfair behavior by politicians and royal entities. The use of music has set down their values in stone. Bad boys that stood their ground against greed, lies and poverty. They visualized the essence of how to be yourself with their eccentric haircuts, leather jackets, unique tattoos and big dose of punk rock music. Don’t let the system take you hostage. A Tribe with respect to whoever supports a good cause. Principles that cater to the lifestyle of Muchachomalo. Embraced in unique prints to showcase this incredible Punk journey that to this very day still has influence on fashion and lifestyle.


  • Referenznummer: PUNK1010-01
  • Normal fit
  • Sturdy 210 g cotton of the highest quality
  • Flat stitched seams for extra comfort
  • Soft waistband with Muchachomalo logo
  • Wartung

  • Bei 30 Grad waschen
  • Nicht im Trockner
  • Bügeln auf mig warmer Einstellung (2 Punkte)
  • Composition

  • 95% Baumwolle
  • 5% Elasthan