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Our Story

As a young lingerie dealer, Shirley Schoonebeek owned two high-end lingerie stores. Six years later she opened an underwear store for men and women in Schiphol Plaza. A modern store in an international location where men do not have to be afraid to enter a lingerie store. After a few years in the industry, she was looking for a brand with a story - something to talk about, to think about - something different from the rest. When she couldn't find this, she decided to create it herself. It didn't want to be a brand that followed trends, so she worked with real artists to create unique prints: a label that would appeal to men to embrace their inner 'Bad Boy'. This collaboration resulted in the brand as we know it today. Muchachomalo is growing and innovating in the field of materials and fit and is increasingly expanding in different designs and colors.

What Muchachomalo stands for

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Life doesn't come with an instruction manual. Fortunately, because if we had to follow rules, we would miss all the fun. We are young, adventurous and heading straight for our goal.

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Wearable Art

Art on the wall or on your mantelpiece? Great! But art that you carry with you, everyone sees that. We make it possible! Wear art!

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Fashion over comfort? That is not necessary at all! Not only our products, but all our business processes are designed for you in full comfort. Experience it yourself.

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The Muchachomalo

The Muchachomalo, Spanish for 'Bad Boy' is authentic. It is inspired by the Spanish 'estilo de vida, capre diem y corazon': seize the day with all your heart and make everything you want possible. His inner rebel is naughty and playful. He is confident, knows his thoughts, is focused on his goals and he takes risks. As a natural leader, his ideas and enthusiasm resonate with others. He works hard and lets off steam during his adventurous weekends. He is rarely alone. Friends appreciate him for his courage and honesty. Women find him extremely attractive. He is charming, takes care of himself, is fit and confident. He is independent and a bit mysterious. The Muchachomalo man inspires and surprises. And like most men, he never 'really' grows up... that little 'Bad Boy' glare is never far from the surface.

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The future

More than 30 million Muchachomalo boxer shorts have been sold in recent years. Our national and international retail distribution is as hard as stone. And we are ready to embark on an even bigger adventure and our first step has been to focus on our online presence. To achieve this, an e-commerce team has been appointed with young marketers and content creators; motivated people who are now an integral part of the Muchachomalo family. Partly because of them, online sales increased tenfold in one year - on our own, without the help of external online marketing agencies. The sky's the limit. With our vision and the right resources, unlimited growth is possible.

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Wearable art

Every year Muchachomalo introduces a collection that tells a story - stories inspired by real life and real feelings - what's happening in the world, what people are thinking about, or even the simple beauty of an era or place. Every collection has a message. It gives people something to think about or talk about. Once a theme is selected, the Design team begins artistically translating a story into wearable art. Each print undergoes a selection process before being added to the collection. The Muchachomalo prints are all hand-designed by in-house artists. Muchachomalo makes art wearable for everyone.

Worldwide distribution

Muchachomalo works with multiple sales models such as retail, franchises, wholesale, distribution, agencies and market places. With partners and sales teams in 12 countries and more than 1000 POS worldwide and shop in shops.