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Triangle Tops

Triangle tops are everything

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Triangle tops are everything. They're comfortable, sexy, sassy, trendy, cool... and then you get to the store and find that you can't find any of it. One doesn't sit well, another isn't your size, yet another just doesn't look cute enough. Sigh. Do you recognize this? You are definitely not the only one. But soon you will not belong to this club anymore. Because now you have discovered triangle tops from Chicamala. 


Triangle tops from Chicamala

Triangle tops by Chicamala for girls are not just any triangle tops. What are they then? Well, um, yes, triangle tops. But in the Chicamala way. We have a passion for good underwear. We've been proving that for years. With Muchachomalo* for boys, and with Chicamala for girls. Our philosophy is simple and to a large extent the same as other underwear brands: it has to be good. So it has to be qualitative and worn comfortably. But we go one step further. A step that we find just as important and so do you. Above all, it has to look good too.  

Triangle tops for girls of all ages

We have triangle tops for girls of all ages. With us, you can always find a style that suits you perfectly. As long as it is not basic because we do not do that. We also offer all sizes. You can find triangle tops that you will enjoy wearing and be proud of. What more could you want Oh yes, a good price of course. As icing on the cake, you are always assured of that with us. Take a look at the beautiful collection on our webshop. Everything will make you happy, even the price. 

Order safe and simple on our webshop

Before you put your perfect triangle tops in your digital shopping basket, here's what you need to know: your order is always safe with us. You pay with a trusted payment method through a secure connection. So now you know that too, nothing stands in the way of getting your perfect triangle top. Look, click and we deliver to your home.