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Every summer you see it happen again: a group of friends go swimming together

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Every summer you see it happen again: a group of friends go swimming together. The mood is good, music has been provided, and everyone is dressed well and has a new pair of sunglasses on their nose. And then you arrive at the beach and there always seems to be that one guy in your group with a basic swimsuit. Argh! Why? So unnecessary. You know him. Or even worse: you are him. Well: not anymore, because you are about to get acquainted with our great men's swim shorts. 


Muchachomalo*: for swim shorts for men you can be seen with

You probably know Muchachomalo* from our men's underwear. But we are also here for swimming trunks for men that you can be seen with. You would say that this is not so difficult. But in practice, it turns out to be different. Why else would there be so many guys walking around with swimming trunks that don't make you hot or cold? Or, and this is the other extreme, they are just plain wrong. If you are looking for good and beautiful men's swimwear for this season, you are just a few clicks away from success.

Men's swimwear in different styles

We offer men's swimwear in a variety of styles. Some men are looking for a good basic pair of swim shorts in a versatile colour. Others may be a little more extravagant and are looking for cool men's swimwear with a striking print. For all this and everything in between, Muchachomalo is ready for you. Of course, our men's swimming trunks are of perfect quality. You may expect nothing less from us. A bathing suit that becomes faded after a few swims in the sea, or one that wears out after a clean descent from the water slide, is not something you want to be happy about. 

Want to buy swimming trunks for men? A quick decision on our webshop

Time for action. Dive into our webshop and buy the swimming trunks that fit you perfectly. We bet you'll find it. Your order is easy and secure and your new swimming trunks for men will arrive at your home in no time. Do you have a question for us first or would you like more information? No problem. Our customer service is ready for you.