Heritage Collection

We take the time to focus on our values, culture and memories. Muchachomalo
is an ode to the man who remains true to his true nature, his core. ‘In Every
Man There’s A Bad Boy’ is our slogan.

Originating in Tarifa, the southernmost point of Spain, a windsurf & kitesurf
mecca, where life is all about passion, fun and spending time with family.
Where the men are tempted and stress does not stand a chance. Discover our
‘Heritage’ collection which focuses on the origin of Muchachomalo and its
growth over the years. This collection consists of 24 prints
from our archives with a modern twist.
The buddha print is based on one of the first prints used for men and women. Elements from the old print have been converted into the style of our 2022 prints. The virtual reality print comes from the Future collection, where we wanted to show a glimpse of the future. It seems like everything that used to be science fiction is becoming reality in the present and in the future. Nowadays we live in a virtual reality where everything is possible. The virtual reality print has been one of the bestsellers of the future collection.
The Fox & the Dragon prints are from the ‘Better Times’ collection, a theme of classics in the film and music industries. Film and music that remind us of the good old days. The better times theme collection of 2010 was based on the crisis period which started in 2008. With this collection Muchachamalo tried to give a signal that in the good old days we were much less materialistic but enjoyed life more. The red thread of this collection was the message that we used to take more time with less technology and material to really enjoy life together. That emotion can still be felt when we listen to old music or watch classic films. A time of less complaining and more gratitude for what we had.
The original ‘Free As A Bird’ print is from the 2018 ‘Muchachomalo Is’ Collection. The theme explains in slogans what Muchachomalo stands for. Our artist created a hand drawn print design for the new print, where an owl is depicted. The owl is a nocturnal animal, hunting for its prey that it has in its sights. The dwarves print is derived from the fairy tale of Snow White. The old prints were mainly about the apple and the dwarves’ beards. In the new print, the apple and the dwarves also play a major role, transformed into a fairy tale atmosphere.
Cards, slot machines, chips and dice. The Las Vegas print is from the ‘Life’ collection. A theme with the message ‘Live your Life to the Fullest! The Japan print is based on the print from the ‘Cultures’ collection. A theme where Muchachomalo wanted to show all the beautiful characteristics of different cultures. The original Japan print was about the contrast between the old and the new Japan; myths vs. games. The new print is inspired by the ancient warriors.
The Baretta and the Blue Hawaii both come from the theme ‘Better Times’, where we shared our nostalgia for the old days. ‘Baretta’ the print with the tough yellow-crested cockatoo goes nicely this year with the ‘Blue Hawaii’ print which takes its inspiration from vintage Hawaiian shirts and 50’s / 60’s music.
The Bobmalo and the Queen are also descendants of the ‘Better Times’ theme. Here the Rastafarians come together with the lions, lobster, phoenix and two fairies, a combination that you would soon see if you had too much ganja. The animals represent the constellations of Queen’s band members.
2011 was all about ‘Heroes’. Anyone can be a hero; Whether you rescue a baby from a burning building or help an old lady cross the street. When you think of the hero, ‘Hercules’ is the ultimate superman from ancient Greece. The heroes of the present are also honored: doctors, police officers, firemen and because we often still daydream about Pamela’s balloons, also the ‘Lifeguards’.

The ‘Leaves’ print was a beautiful floral print that was a bit quieter than the rest, but with naughty faces hidden in it. The ‘Lickit’, on the other hand, was a print that that was in your face: An aggressive head that sticks its tongue out, but really only wants to take a lick from a lollipop. Remember that ‘Life Is A Party’ and these prints remind you that life can be full of surprises and not all is what it seems.

King Kong & Cuban Link, 2008.
The ‘Kong’ print represents the beginning of Muchachomalo, our first printed
boxer shorts. Back then, our goal was to make a print that was completely
different from what the market had to offer in 2008. It evolved into a crazy
combination of elements starring a gorilla being ridden by a cowgirl. With
the rapid success of the boxer shorts, we had to maintain the momentum, so
other prints soon followed. One of those prints was the Cuban Links, a print
with tough chains and tough animals, good food for the photo campaigns;
immediately full of fun and madness.
Miami Vatos & ASE, 2009.
Muchachomalo quickly developed an image as a playful brand, so in keeping
with that vibe, our first annual theme emerged: ‘Life Is A Party’. With works
of art such as the ‘Miami Vatos’, a print about latin gangsters enjoying
the summer and the ‘All Seeing Eye’, which keeps an eye out for all the
‘bad-boys’ around the world! The campaign consisted of several individual
flyers, all part of the theme. Stories that fans of muchachomalo still have
hanging above their bed.
Poseidon & Biker, 2009.
The ‘Poseidon’ and the ‘Biker’ print also originate from the theme ‘Life Is A
Party’. Both are the gods; one of the sea, the other of the asphalt. For us, these
prints represent the different Muchachomalo men; ‘Poseidon’ stands for the
dude, the surfer and the ‘Biker’ for the man with two faces: At home the good
man, the sweet father, who as soon as he gets on his Harley, changes into that
undefeated bad-boy.