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Okay, call it with us: boys boxer shorts can be cool

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Okay, call it with us: boys boxer shorts can be cool. So, that's out. We're so glad you're here. You're about to make the world a slightly better place. At least a world with some color and energy. Because can you tell us why boxer shorts for boys so often miss the mark? We wouldn't know. What we do know is that it can be different. No matter which store you go to, there is always more than enough choice in boxers. But that doesn't mean you'll be happy. Because Dios mío, those boys' boxer shorts are often colorless, ordinary or unsightly. We open our digital gates for you: welcome to Muchachomalo* for boys.


Boys boxer shorts for the young muchachomalo

Muchachomalo* stands for self-assurance. For enjoying life, for being who you are and for a cheeky wink. Now we hear you think: well, it's just underwear. Amigo, it is not just underwear. Because can you seriously say that you are a cool guy and full of energy and bravura in life in such uninspiring, lubing gray underpants? Exactly. Muchachomalo* is for boys with character who secretly love grey boxer shorts too. But also love one with a look of "look at me". 

Check the webshop (and don't forget the offers)

In our webshop you will find boys underwear that suits you: stylish, cool or trendy, everything is possible, as long as it is not everyday. So, feast your eyes and order your favorite underwear online. No need to leave the house, we will deliver your new boxers at home. And oh yes, nice to know: our boys boxers are of excellent quality. And yes, that is easy to say, but just try it. Want to bet that you'll use them for a very long time? That's nice when you're spending your hard-earned money (or clothing money, may as well) on underwear.

And just in case we're talking to mom or dad here: great that you're looking at us for boxer shorts for boys. We know you can get them elsewhere for a bargain. But you want quality, durability and appearance for your son and we appreciate that. Keep an eye on our special offers, because we're not averse to a good sale. Not even other underwear for boys, or beachwear for boys or joggingwear for that matter.