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You don't become a muchachomalo overnight

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You don't become a muchachomalo overnight. No, that seed is planted early. You can see it at a young age.

One little boy becomes a good Henry. Nothing wrong with that: always behaves according to the book and likes to keep it in the middle. And the other boy becomes a little troublemaker. A real character builder. One who occasionally pushes the limits and tackles things his own way. At Muchachomalo we know that in every good Henry there is a real muchacho who comes out by wearing tough underwear. Muchachomalo underwear is there for the confident little boys, the men-to-be.

Parents of boys, listen carefully

Are you a parent of a boy and do you buy his clothes? Then listen carefully. Boys' underpants are not just any underpants. They are the foundation of his outfit and reflection of his character. Every day. Let's face it: you discovered early on that your son is a male. A boy who does things his own way and wants to make his own choices from an early age. He has his own style and likes to carry it out. Boys will be boys and let him be. He is in the process of forming his own identity and is therefore welcome at Muchachomalo. 

As a parent you don't have to worry: we sell high quality boys underwear. Boxer shorts and long johns that may be seen. With cool prints, but also strong and durable cotton with a touch of elastane for maximum comfort. Want to bet that he will be happy with these?

Do you buy your own boys underwear?

Psst, did you land on this page because you buy your own boys underwear? Well done. Welcome to Muchachomalo. We're talking hombre a hombre here: man to man, in a zone forbidden to parents. Muchachomalo has character. We stand for individuality, your own style, living how you want to live, making your own decisions and knowing who you are. It's no big deal that you don't have answers to all the questions yet. What is most important: you have chosen a path on which you develop yourself into a man with an inner bad boy. Because no matter what people say, keep listening to that little voice that says it's okay to make mistakes, to try something new every now and then and not to take life too seriously all the time. For now: just dive into that webshop and choose cool boys underwear that suits you. Check out the solid basics and cool prints. Do you have a question? Then don't hesitate to contact us. We would love to help you out.