Chicamala for girls

When you're young, life is so simple

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When you're young, life is so simple. Even in the area of underwear. For girls, as a parent, you just buy panties. Simple, basic, not expensive. And well, once in a while in a cheerful color or with a sweet print on it. But girls get older. And girls get an opinion. And girls at some point don't like their underwear anymore, or think it's childish. And what do you do then? Fortunately, you are here now. At Chicamala, where of course we also have the most beautiful underwear for girls. Maybe you are reading this and you are not a parent at all, but a girl herself who is looking for beautiful and fun underwear. You are very welcome to join us.


Chicamala for girls who want to be themselves

Life is made up of choices. You want to make the choices that suit you. Chicamala is a brand with a clear identity. It either fits you, or it doesn't. Ain't no inbetween. We're here for girls who want to be themselves. Whether it's girls who have outgrown their children's underwear, teenagers or young adults, we know how important it is for you to be able to wear the things that make you feel good and that make you feel beautiful. So why Chicamala for girls? Simple. We offer you this underwear, but we have also proven ourselves in the field of quality. So parents: choosing Chicamala for girls means you can wash and fold your underwear many times without any discoloration or holes. That's also very nice.

View the new collection for girls and order online

View the new collection for girls in our webshop. We have designed a fresh, cool collection for you that we are quite proud of. Basic, cool, sporty or trendy boxers and hipsters that wear great. Whatever you are looking for, you will find it in our collection.