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Easywear for girls

Need easywear for girls

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Need easywear for girls? Yes, of course you need it. What girl can live without it? Because no matter how stylish or fashionable you look: we all need comfort from time to time, right? And then your clothes just have to be comfortable. For example, do you need basics that just wear well and form a solid foundation? Whether you wear them stand alone or as the basis for a cool outfit. Chicamala* has what you are looking for.


Be yourself with the right easywear for girls

Easywear is called "easy" wear for a reason, of course. It's supposed to be easy. Our easywear for girls let you be yourself. You put it on and there you go. No fuss, just a good basis. So comfortable that you almost don't realize you're wearing it. But of course you do, thankfully.

When you say easywear for girls, then of course we say singlets. You know, those nice tops. Tops that you can wear on a nice warm day or just at home. Or that you can wear a shirt over with ease. You need them. As good basics, anyway. But maybe also in a fresh color or with a cool design. That's no problem at all. Combine your singlet with a cool hipster or comfortable boxer shorts for girls. 

Easywear stands for comfort & convenience

Say it with us: easywear, not sleazywear! Look, we don't have to pretend that easywear for girls is the all-important clothing. That's just the thing about easywear: it should be easy. But, chica, easy doesn't mean unkempt. So if you have any of those worn tops lying around, leave them in the closet and get yourself some good new singlets from Chicamala, for example. 

Need more easywear? Then take a look around in the webshop. Whether you want to call it easywear or loungewear, we always have the items you're looking for. From comfy singlets to stylish racerbacks and comfortable boxer shorts. And so much more. But whatever you're looking for: we'll make sure your easywear is not only of high quality and comfortable, but that you can also look great in it.

Order your favo comfy easywear singlets in our webshop

So, what are you waiting for? Dive into the webshop and order your favorite comfy easywear. Also nice and easy: we deliver your order quickly to your home.