At Muchachomalo* we believe that everyone should be able to dress how they want, also kids

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At Muchachomalo* we believe that everyone should be able to dress how they want, also kids. Whether you are looking for the right basics for your child, or need clothes with just that little bit extra. We are there for kids with character. Muchachomalo* has a strong reputation in the field of men's underwear. But we do not like to sit still and have added a lot over the years. So also kids can come to us. For children we offer the same core values you are used to from our adult clothing: a great look, excellent quality and a good price. 


Kids clothes for boys and girls

Muchachomalo* offers children's clothing for boys and girls. Underwear, outerwear, loungewear, joggingwear, sportswear, swimwear: you name it. Our mission is not only to offer you perfect quality and excellent durability, but also underwear where children would say yess too. 

Muchachomalo* is Spanish for bad boy. And our girls and ladies label Chicamala stands for bad girl. That's what you get from us: clothes with a cocky, street smart touch. With us you will not find basic children's clothing. Of course we offer all the basics you are looking for, they should not be forgotten. But if you are looking for a fun color or clothing with a cheeky print or a little wink, then you've definitely come to the right place.

The quality of Muchachomalo* for kids

Muchachomalo* stands for a touch of bad boy / bad girl and a nice cocky and tough character. But of course we do not forget the quality. Especially with children this is important. Kids play like crazy and clothes are not always spared, especially with boys in their jogging wear. With us you are assured of solid, durable clothing for children. We promise.

Order easily in our webshop

Take your time to browse through all the children's clothes in our webshop. From the comfort of your armchair. We are sure that we have the perfect clothing for your child(ren). And if you have a question? Our customer service is always ready to help you.