Boys 2-pack shorts Mayans Boys 2-pack shorts Mayans

Jongens 2-pack boxershorts Mayans

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The Mayans have a mysterious complex history that to this very day has unraveled secrets. Scientists have been scratching theirs heads on their achievements and knowledge over the earth and stars. It is even said that they had help from celestial beings. A civilization that offered sacrifices to their gods. To come closer to them they built pyramids that rose far above the amazon. In Print A Gabriel Lopez, one of the artists of Muchachomalo, created a unique print from scratch. Inspired by the ancient sculptures of the Mayans. Print B represents the tomb of king Pakal. One of the most famous Mayans who contributed a lot to the rise of the famous city Palenque. When the king died they honored him by burying him in the biggest Pyramid of the Mayans surrounded by ancient Mayan details.


  • Referentienummer: MAYAN1010-06J
  • Onderhoud

  • Wassen op 30 graden
  • Niet in de droger
  • Strijken op matig warme stand (2 stippen)
  • Samenstelling

  • 95% Katoen
  • 5% Elasthaan