Boys 4-pack shorts Samurai Boys 4-pack shorts Samurai

Jongens 2-pack boxershorts Samurai

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The way of the Samurai originated from Japan. A lifestyle that has inspired many over the centuries. An unattainable form of discipline, character and art. Patient warriors that studied every inch of their bodies in order to create the ultimate techniques to win in battle in an honorable way. They where masters of Jiu Jitsu and craftsmanship. Guardians of principle and justice. They where equipped with sharp swords, their bodies surrounded in detailed armor and their face covered in masks that will scare both humans and demons. One of the first samurai that customized his armor was Honda Tadakatsu. He inspired our artist Gabriel Lopez to create a unique print. The legend says that he came to battle with huge antlers and the face of a demon. Striking fear in the hearts of his opponents. Print A contains these details. Print B by Gabriel Lopez refers to the demons masks worn by the legendary samurai. Using the faces of animals to have access to their powers. In this print the face of a leopard is used.


  • Referentienummer: SAMUR1010-01J
  • Onderhoud

  • Wassen op 30 graden
  • Niet in de droger
  • Strijken op matig warme stand (2 stippen)
  • Samenstelling

  • 95% Katoen
  • 5% Elasthaan