Boxer shorts

Girls prefer to walk around in cute underpants

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Girls prefer to walk around in cute underpants. Well, not really! Maybe sometimes they do, but sometimes they don't. You just want to have the choice and sometimes opt for comfort in the form of trendy girls' boxer shorts. Boxer shorts for girls that feel comfortable and just look good. Well, we have those for you.


Experience the comfort of our girl's boxer shorts...

Boxer shorts are the comfy choice. Sometimes you just want to go for comfort. Chicamala offers you that option. Our boxer shorts have the perfect fit, are made of breathable materials and mould perfectly to your body. Because sometimes comfort means almost not noticing that you have something on. But you are, and not just anything. 

... while also looking hip

Anyway, there are also reasons not to choose girls' boxer shorts. Because they are just not that flattering, or they don't look good on you. At Chicamala, you don't have to worry about that. Anyone who knows us knows that we always put a lot of work into our appearance. And boxer shorts are no exception. In fact, they are the perfect combination of comfort and looks. Experience for yourself how you can be comfortable but also look cool and trendy. Whatever your style and whatever you are looking for, you will find exactly what you are looking for on our webshop. Whether you go for a solid basic or a flamboyant pair. Besides comfortable boxer shorts, you can also find hipsters for girls on our webshop. 

Chicamala = perfect quality boxer shorts for girls

We don't want to brag, but we do have a name to uphold. Our men's label Muchachomalo has been around for years. We even dare to say that we are more or less a household name in the field of boxer shorts. That quality we also want to offer with boxers for girls. We promise you: our boxer shorts you will wear with pleasure. Day after day, for a very long time. Because as you would expect from us, we offer excellent quality and durability.

Order your favourite boxer shorts on the webshop

Enough talk. Just dive into the webshop and order your favourite boxer shorts. Just from your phone or computer while sitting quietly on the couch. Or doing something else. We don't care: we'll just bring them to you.