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Boxer shorts are like people

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Boxer shorts are like people. Some of them are just basic. When you think about it a bit longer, quite a few are rather basic. We believe in kind seeks kind: men with little spirit seek basic boxer shorts. Is that a bad thing? Of course not. There is nothing wrong with playing it safe. But to say that you really get everything out of life? Mwah. 



But hey, you're here now and therefore we dare say with a certain degree of certainty that you - just like us - don't like the mundane. That's just what's in you. Whether it's boxer shorts, other clothing or cars: we bet you're someone who loves aesthetics. Not just aesthetics and pretty-beautiful: no, because it suits you. Because you know who you are, how you organize your life and what makes you happy. You always stay close to yourself and look for things that fit. Welcome to Muchachomalo, where the man with the inner bad boy buys his boxer shorts.

Men's boxer shorts that are more than just underwear

You have two types of men. Men who buy boxer shorts because they need them and men who buy the boxer shorts they need. Do you understand the difference? Oh yes, there is also a third category of men: men who let their partner buy their underwear. We won't scare anyone away here. In fact: do you have such a man for whom you buy boxer shorts and are now reading this text? Then we're glad you found us and we're rolling out the red carpet. You're about to change the world with bad boy behavior. 

The thing is: for true muchachomalo's, boxer shorts are more than just underwear. Sure, in the scheme of things, boxer shorts are just a small thing, but they are something where you can make a choice. And at Muchachomalo we are all about making choices. The choice to be who you are and to express this in all facets. A muchachomalo can choose to walk around in nice and safe thirteen-in-a-dozen boxershorts, but consciously chooses not to do this. We are here for the man who goes for character and individuality, but while maintaining style and quality.

Boxers you really feel good in

For more than 15 years Muchachomalo shakes up the fashion world with men's underwear that is just that little bit different. We are here for men who listen to the voice that tells them to live life, keep their heads up and trust who they are. And also for the men who don't know yet that there is an inner bad boy inside them. And we know full well that there are certain quality requirements. You demand a lot from yourself and are also critical of what you buy. No hay problema! Muchachomalo traditionally combines a relaxed vibe with a dose of self-confidence that typifies the man with the inner bad boy. And all that in a qualitative way, because we offer you boxers you really feel good in. Every day again. From size S to XXXL for the hombre pequeño to the gran papi. And always of premium quality cotton with 10% elastane for the perfect fit and eye for the planet.


You want to be able to vary, so we offer you solid basics, great colors and distinctive, cool but stylish prints. Boxer shorts make the man. Just ask your partner what he prefers: an anonymous piece of fabric or a beautiful Muchachomalo? We all know the answer already.