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At Muchachomalo, we don't really like pigeonholing and conventions

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At Muchachomalo, we don't really like pigeonholing and conventions. We will tell you why. Muchachomalo has a story. A story that starts with our founder, the then still very young Shirley Schoonebeek, who opened a high-end lingerie boutique in Amsterdam at the age of 19. This boutique did everything a little differently. For starters, men weren't chased out the door with pitchforks there. The philosophy was clear: men are welcome here. Men should be able to buy beautiful women's underwear without embarrassment or strange looks. 


Let's take a moment to jump back in time. To the present, where Muchachomalo is working hard. Muchachomalo is in many ways different than the lingerie boutique of the past. But one thing has not changed: everyone who can identify with our brand is welcome. So if you want to buy beautiful underwear for your own muchachomalo, you are very welcome. And while you're here: how about yourself? Because we are not only here for the muchachomalo's of this world, but also for all chicamala's: the real ladybosses.

Ladies underwear for ladies with character

We would never, ever try to steer a woman (or partner of this woman!) away from beautiful lingerie. Oh no. Give us those gorgeous lace bras, those seductive thongs, dios mio those suspenders... But here's the thing: we believe in women with strong character. Women who are as versatile as their appearance. Who know what they want, know who they are. And who they are not. Women who can be elegant, but also tough and streetwise. Because as the Spaniards say: no siempre eres una princesa! You are not a princess, not a doll. At least, not always. Because just as we with Malomuchacho believe that there is an inner bad boy in every man, we are convinced that every chicamala has a good dose of lady swag. 

So what does that mean in concrete terms? Well, it means that you don't always feel like wearing those lace sets and classic panties. You want good ladies' underwear, but with character. Maybe with a twist or wink. You are confident, not average, you have character and you know what you want. We're talking about you right? Exactly. Chicamala was born from the same thought as Muchachomalo. Also with our women's underpants we want to serve women who are confident in life, who live as their intuition and luck dictate and who know who they are. If you are this woman, then you also know how important it is to be able to stay close to yourself even in the details. Our women's underwear is therefore made for you. Elegant, but tough, beautiful, but comfortable and always slightly different.

Discover the quality of our underwear for women

We welcome you to our webshop, but of course also in our physical stores. At Chicamala you will find quality and distinctive women's underwear to make you feel good every day. Boxers, briefs, singlets, shirts and beautiful triangle tops made of quality cotton with elastane for maximum comfort. And always just as positively distinctive as you are. Whether you go for beautiful basics or striking prints: this is real women's underwear to feel good in. And your own muchachomalo or chicamala will thank you too, believe us. Shop your favorite items and sets in our webshop.