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There are people who get a little itchy when they hear the term "basics"

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There are people who get a little itchy when they hear the term "basics". Some, basic clothes are equals to ‘zzzzz’. Sure, basics do what they have to do, they offer comfort, wear well and often last a long time. But in terms of appearance, it is mostly very safe. Ah well… Forget what you know. You have now arrived at Chicamala. And at Chicamala we are not simple. We offer you the women's basics that you not only need, but actually want to wear. The garments you can rely on day in and day out. Because with the right basics you lay the foundation for a beautiful and comfortable outfit.


Women's basics by Chicamala: made for you

Although we at Chicamala like to go the extra mile, we too know the value of basics. If you're looking for good women's basics, then you simply want good underwear. Without fuss, without flamboyance. Chicamala is for all women who want and dare to be themselves. And yes, that means that you sometimes hoist yourself in a tantalizing, cheeky set. But it's not every day you party, so you also just need good women's basics for an average weekday. We have those for you. But then in the Chicamala way. Because even the basics can be seen.

The women's basics you need, you will find in our product range

We have put together a collection of women's basics that you can rely on, both literally and metaphorically. All your items for a good, comfortable and well cared for everyday base can be found in our webshop: beautiful boxers, comfy racerbacks and triangle tops, classic singlets and lovely leggings. What more does a woman want? Well, enough, probably. We are also here for more outspoken women's underwear, but if you first need the right basics, then head directly to our webshop.