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You know what we think is so dull right now

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You know what we think is so dull right now? That as a woman you have to go through so much trouble to find boxer shorts. And no, we're not talking about boxer shorts for a possible boyfriend/husband, but for yourself. That ends today, because today you will get to know ladies boxer shorts from Chicamala. Or maybe you already know us. In that case, we say welcome back, you know the way.


Chicamala is here with a mission: to provide ladies with a touch of bad girl, a playful or cheeky edge with the right ladies underwear. With us, no lace, fringe and other cute things. What then? High-quality women's boxer shorts made from durable materials and with an excellent lifespan.... that also looks fantastic. With cool prints or as everyday basics, but always distinctive and with just that little bit extra you're looking for.

Boxer shorts for women with a naughty touch

We do not have to make a big deal about it: boxer shorts for women are often basic. Why? Well, probably because research showed that there was a market for it. Fine, but in the meantime we make boxer shorts for women because we want to make boxer shorts for women. Fueled by the fact that you really want to wear them. Boxer shorts with color and cool prints. 

Our boxer shorts for women carry the Chicamala label, the counterpart of Muchachomalo. With Chicamala we do what we did with Muchachomalo, namely: making underwear for people who are not average. You know who you are, what you want and what suits you. Chicamala is for all the ladies who love to be a bad girl, but can just as easily be a glammed up diva. For all the ladies who love a playful, sexy twist and don't always take themselves so seriously.

Find the perfect boxers in our webshop

Enough talk. Dive into our webshop and find the perfect boxers. Also if you are looking for other underwear, beachwear for women or easywear we always have something to offer you in your style.