Black Friday Deals

During Black Friday week, you will find the best quality products at the sharpest prices at Muchachomalo*

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During Black Friday week, you will find the best quality products at the sharpest prices at Muchachomalo*. 

Black Friday 2022 at Muchachomalo*

Now, we normally have well-priced items already, but we can do even better. How then? I can hear you thinking. Well, just in our shop during Black Friday. During Black Friday, there are enough deals to score suitable gifts for yourself, your whole family, group of friends and all your colleagues. And after all those gifts, you don't have to eat dry bread, but can also score new gifts for Saint Nicholas and Christmas. Because that's how sharp the Muchachomalo* Black Friday deals are. 

It's important to get there on time, though. Set your alarm clock, have the website open on multiple devices, in short: be ready! Because gone=out. Yes, that sounds like the oldest and most cheesy marketing phrase ever coined, but it really is. We have a limited stock that we can sell at bargain prices. So keep a close eye on this page to score the best Black Friday deals. 

What is Black Friday?

Black Friday has become popular in America. It is a day when retailers offer their products with discounts, offers and deals. It is the day after Thanksgiving and for many it symbolises the opening of the Christmas season. Black Friday is the perfect time to buy Christmas gifts, treat yourself or just someone else to beautiful Muchachomalo* items. This day started in America, but has since spread to the rest of the world. You may have seen it before, videos of big shops where mega crowds of people stand in front of the door waiting for it to open and the craziness inside where everyone runs to score the best deals. Surely that's too crazy! Take it easy! Luckily, for the best Muchachomalo* Black Friday Deals, you can simply visit our webshop. No hustle and bustle, no pushing and shoving, just order from home and the items will be delivered to your home as usual.    

When is Black Friday 2022?

Black Friday falls on Friday 25 November 2022. Black Friday falls every year on the Friday after holiday Thanksgiving. At Muchachomalo* you will find the best discounts on this day. 

For how long does Black Friday last?

Black Friday lasts for one whole day: a day full of discounts, offers and deals.

Until when is Black Friday?

Black Friday officially ends at midnight 00:00 26 November 2022.

The advantages of shopping at Muchachomalo*

In the Muchachomalo* webshop, you will not only find cool boxer shorts for men and women, but also comfy easywear and fun accessories. Shopping online at Muchachomalo* has the following advantages:

● 15% student discount
● Free shipping from € 80
● 30-day return policy