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Racerbacks girls

Racerbacks for girls are your best friend in many cases

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Racerbacks for girls are your best friend in many cases. For example, for girls buying their first bra. Or for girls who need extra support. But also for girls who want comfort during sports or just for at home. Or when you want your bra to be part of your outfit. In short: racerbacks are always the best option. Chicamala* has racerbacks for all girls.


Why choose a racerback for girls?

Why choose a racerback for girls? Um, didn't you read the intro? Racerbacks are always a good choice. Sure, you have to love it. Of course, you are completely free to choose the bra you like and love. But a racerback as a bra? You can't really go wrong with that. You are choosing comfort, support and ease of wearing. In fact, everything you want and need.

Chicamala*: when racerbacks can be fun too

You'd think that something like a racerback for girls would always be a hit. Yet often enough they manage to design racerbacks for girls that are just basic. Or childish, which you also come across sometimes. Or they look good but don't wear at all.

No worries: Chicamala* understands you. We are here for the confident girls who know, no: demand, that comfort does not have to come at the expense of appearance. And vice versa. At Chicamala* we often provide a twist. Of course we're also your bestie when you're just looking for good, beautiful basics. But we do love a twist and an edgy edge. Do you too? Good, because then you can get your fill with us. We are known for our playful prints and our racerback bras are no exception.

Order your favorite in the webshop

It's simple: we have racerbacks for all girls. Just have a look in the webshop. We bet there is a favorite for you too. Select your favorite, your size, do the checkout and you will have it delivered quickly. Would you like to combine your new racerback with a cool boxer or hipster? Of course, you can! For each collection, we have matching underpants.