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Men bienvenidos at Muchachomalo

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Men bienvenidos at Muchachomalo. We're here for you. For over 15 years, with a solid collection of boxer shorts that you can wear with pride. Because that's what you want, right? You pay attention to your appearance and your style. What you want is not only underwear that is super comfortable, but also one that looks good. Oh, and of course that lasts a long time. No hay problema, with us you will find style, comfort and quality under one roof. Order your new boxers in our webshop. Whether you're looking for our iconic prints or solid basics: we will never leave you hanging.


For men who know what they want

Muchachomalo is for men who know what they want. It is as simple as that. After all, some men just buy underwear. You don't just buy underwear: you buy Muchachomalo underwear. You don't just do that, that is a conscious choice. We understand that. And we are grateful for that. That's why we love to design good boxer shorts, trunks and long johns for you year after year, that you can wear with pride. 

Also for the young muchachomalo we offer beautiful boys boxer shorts. Because hey, teach them young! Do you have a son? Then order some cool shorts for him as well, will you?

Click, order and wear them fast

You probably know the struggle of buying underwear in a physical store. Store in, store out.... and more of the same: everyday underwear. Or you look and think: mwah, that won't last that long. None of that here. Just check out the webshop, add your favorite boxer shorts to your cart and order. We will take care of a quick delivery so you can wear your favorite new boxers ASAP. By the way, you know Muchachomalo as an underwear brand for men. Did you know you can also come to us for other types of clothing? For example, for socks, other types of underwear and relaxed joggingwear for men. Ladies are also at the right place. So now that you are here anyway, maybe you will find something nice for your chicamala.