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Welcome to the new collection

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Welcome to the new collection! Standing still is going backwards. That's how we see it too. You value your appearance and your looks. That's why you think it's important to pamper yourself once in a while with new clothes. Whether it's underwear, loungewear or active wear, Muchachomalo* is there for you. And for the ladies of course with Chicamala*. We have a new collection ready for you. Almost 100 new items to make you look good and comfortable again. So take a look in the webshop and get your favorite new items in the house.


New collection, old reliable quality

For one thing you never have to worry about Muchachomalo* with a new collection: a lack of quality. Because the quality is again as you expect from us: very good quality, at just a good price. We find it important that you can feel good in your own skin. Of course, every clothing brand does. The difference is that we deliver the absolute essentials. Underwear is life. Without good underwear, your favorite outfit won't feel its best. It's as simple as that. And underwear that doesn't look slick undermines your look when the clothes come off. So yes, also in our new collection we have again committed to a durable quality that you will enjoy wearing every day.

Check out the fresh new prints and designs

What is new are the prints and designs. With each new collection we have to set the bar high again. Our designers have had to work through many cups of coffee and the local pizza delivery people have had record turnovers because of all the overtime and food at the office, but we have succeeded once again. At least we think so. But we are sure that our new collection will make you happy too. Take a look and get your favorite items in the house.