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Men's Trunks

A muchachomalo is hidden in every man

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A muchachomalo is hidden in every man. Sometimes it itches inside and the inner bad boy wants to come out, and in some men this bad boy is visible daily. A guy with a healthy dose of bad boy is the muchacho we are looking for. And you're looking for us. For what? Maybe for trunks. Because man oh man, what a hassle it is to find good trunks. Not here. Check out our webshop, order, and wear them like a boss.


What exactly are trunks?

Well, what exactly are trunks? You can describe them in many ways. But it all comes down to this: trunks are the ultimate underwear for men who are sure of their business (and their looks). No kidding: do you think appearance is important and are you looking for underwear with a little more edge than boxer shorts, but you don't want to be seen in briefs? Voila: behold trunks. Trunks are boxer shorts with shorter legs. Comfortable to wear? Check it out. Appearance? Check. Sex appeal? You bet. Trunks are, as they say so beautifully in Spain, caliente. 

We love trunks. Why? Because they embody what Muchachomalo stands for: a bit bad, distinctive and confident. You don't wear trunks just for the sake of it: you wear trunks because you know you want to be seen. And amigo, there is nothing wrong with that. Our trunks may be seen, because as you expect from Muchachomalo, you get a distinctive quality in the house. Fine materials, solid basics and / or cool prints. And of course they wear well, because it's not just about appearances.

Always the perfect trunk for men

So we always have the perfect trunk for men. Not only because we offer many different styles and colors, but also because you can of course choose the perfect size. Check them out in the webshop and get them home. Would you like to go for a safer option? Then choose our boxer shorts for men.