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Do you like to look good? Do you value a well-groomed appearance? Do you think comfort should never come at the expense of appearance and vice versa? And can it all be a bit distinctive in a stylish way? Yes? Congratulations: You are suitable for our new men's collection. We proudly present you new men's boxer shorts that you will enjoy wearing every day. Promise.


The new collection for men: you know what you get, right?

For all gentlemen who think it is okay to make demands on underwear, we have a new collection. And who knows Muchachomalo*, knows what he gets. Quality, durability, comfort and a great look at a fair price. Those who know us, also know that we are not averse to a big wink or a touch of bad boy. Our new collection of boxers for men will once again not disappoint you. 

But we take all tastes, styles and needs into account. Whether you are looking for timeless, solid basics or boxer shorts that will make your lover's heart beat faster: we've got you, amigo. Also in the new collection we offer you various types of multipacks of the best basics and real eye catchers. Or of course in a mix of these, is also possible. We bet that your current collection of Muchachomalo* boxers really isn't at their end yet, but we also know that you like to keep expanding and innovating. Therefore take a look at our new collection for men.

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We have not only launched a new collection of boxer shorts for men. Be sure to check out the new collections of long johns, trunks and loungewear, to name just three examples. Take your time to find your favorite items in the webshop. If you have any questions, we are here for you. If you found what you were looking for, order online and in no time you will be walking around in the new collection.