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Long Johns

The new collection of long johns is here

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The new collection of long johns is here! Now you may be wondering: is that really something to shout from the rooftops? Yes. We're not just talking about the first long johns here, we're talking about the ones from Muchachomalo*, get it? That means it's something to look forward to. If you care about handsome underwear, at least.


The new collection of long johns: bold as ever

If you thought we were going to go all out for our new collection of long johns, you'd be disappointed. What were you thinking? You know our core values. Daring, different, innovative. And if you want to be daring, different and innovative, then of course you also have to innovate every now and then. So: see here. Are you ready for new long johns? Then take a look at our collection. Not that your old Muchachomalo long johns* need replacing already: we are sure they will last a long time. No, you just want new ones, because you're ready for a fresh new design. Say no more.

Of course with the quality you know

So yes, little has changed. And as far as we are concerned, it didn't have to. Why do we think so? Because you, our valued customer, think so. Traditionally, we combine a great look with perfect quality, comfort and durability. What more could you want? Yes, a new model. Then just check out the webshop and get it quickly.

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King Kong Cuban, Guns N Roses, Biker Poseidon or Miami Vatos Ace: just choose your favorite. Or order them all. We don't care, just see what you need. But one thing is for sure: with our new collection of long johns you'll be warm, comfortable and surprisingly cool.