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LNR01 gentlemen

LNR01 sounds very advanced, almost like a code

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LNR01 sounds very advanced, almost like a code. Is it a super-secret piece of technology? Maybe you can also see it as a code. As a code for guaranteed comfort. But also as an unwritten bro code that says: thou shalt relax in style. We are of course talking about our by now iconic line of men's jogging wear. Check it out and reward yourself with style and comfort.


LNR01 for men: for those who want to lounge around seriously

Lounging is serious business, amigo. Sure it is! You want to reward yourself properly in your free time. Because let's face it: life is busy enough. You deserve a moment for yourself once in a while. Those moments may be scarce. They are important. Too important to spend in uncomfortable clothing. Our LNR01 is designed with one goal in mind: to give you the perfect combination of comfort and a cool, timeless and sporty look.

Or for those who want to be active

Or wait: maybe there's another purpose. It's not joggingwear for nothing, is it? And while we massively prefer to put on a good pair of sweatpants and sweatshirt to relax in, there may be an active element to it as well. Of course Muchachomalo* is there for you. LNR01 for men is as versatile as you are. So whether you just want to hang out or work up a sweat at the gym or during a good run, the LNR01 line is for you.

You can't go wrong. Experience it for yourself

So whatever you need joggingwear for, you can't go wrong with LNR01 for men from Muchachomalo*. Well, unless you choose to wear it during a blistering hot day at the beach. But anyway, you get what we mean. So select your favo items, your size, order and before you know it you'll be doing what you love most in your favo new joggingwear.